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*Please note that ultrasound services are offered through referral only*


What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows the veterinarian to view internal body structures. Similar to how x-rays are used to see bones, lungs, and gas filled organs, ultrasounds are used to view the internal organs in more detail. The reflected ultrasound waves are returned as “echoes” and then converted into an image displayed on the monitor. This technique is useful for many areas, including pregnancy diagnosis, evaluating heart conditions, identifying problems in abdominal organs, and the examination for cysts and tumors. 

How are ultrasounds done?

Ultrasound waves cannot travel through air, so we need to have close contact with the pet’s skin to take an accurate scan. First, we will trim a patch of your pet’s fur to allow the technician to use a probe directly on their skin to look at the chest or abdomen. Afterwards the ultrasound technician will need an extra set of hands to help restrain the animal while they are performing the ultrasound. This is to ensure the pet stays still enough for the technician to capture clear images of your pets internal organs. Most animals tolerate scans without any issues, but vets are sometimes required to administer your dog or cat with a light sedation to help them relax.